CleanTechonomics - Because Someday Money Will Grow On Trees

CleanTechonomics Energy Ltd. has assembled a coalition of complimentary best in class technologies capable of treating virtually any waste stream. By integrating technology we are able to provide solutions that offer the maximum environmental and economic benefits to our clients. Further, we encourage our technology partners to worktogether in order to identify new ideas and opportunities for renewable and waste to energy solutions. By doing so we benefit not only the companies we represent and our clients but also ensure we are able to deliver the most environmentally responsible and sustainable solutions to help protect our planet.

Municipal Solid and Wet Organic Waste - By integrating Anaerobic Digestion and Gasification technologies we are able to divert over 95% of post recyclable wastes from landfill while providing superior energy recovery and environmental compliance as compared to incineration processes. Our utilization of Anaerobic Digestion for the wet organic fraction of MSW increases energy recovery by 25% and when combined with our modular Gasification technology offers the most flexible and scalable solution in the market.

Agricultural Wastes - By partnering with one of the world's leading Anaerobic Digestion technology providers, CleanTechonomics is able to provide waste treatment and energy solutions for every type of agricultural, food, and livestock waste. Further, when combined with advanced water and waste water treatment technologies, we can ensure all environmental compliance requirements are met and exceeded.

Industrial/Hazardous Wastes - The options for the treatment of many industrial wastes are limited and can be extremely expensive. However, it is possible to treat these waste streams while recovering valuable energy. Advanced Gasification technology allows for the complete destruction of waste material in an environmentally safe and responsible manner with the syngas produced from the process providing for energy recovery. The result is significant cost savings for waste treatment requirements.
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