CleanTechonomics - Because Someday Money Will Grow On Trees

CleanTechonomics Energy Ltd. is a Canadian based firm that specializes in advance renewable and waste to energy solutions.

At CleanTechonomics we believe the world must move towards a more sustainable future. We also believe that the engine for this transformation lies with emerging companies that are developing and leveraging new or existing technologies and who deliver economic results. We recognize the need for economic benefits is paramount to decision makers and investors because sustainability needs to be both environmentally and financial responsible.

Our focus on modular platforms in Biogas, Biodiesel and Gasification technologies provide the most cost effective and flexible solutions available in the market today. By bringing together stand alone as well as complementary offerings, CleanTechonomics is able to provide complete renewable and waste to energy solutions across multiple industries and feed stock.

Our expertise includes advanced technology solutions, systems integration, project management and financing. We're able to rapidly deploy our resources to provide waste and renewable energy solutions for any sized project from small captive waste management to large scale municipal projects, providing solutions that are both cost effective and environmentally responsible.

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